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Ewiyo Cooperation programs

Would you like to reach the Ewiyo community and convince them of their products?

Ewiyo offers your company many individual opportunities to advertise your products directly. By placing your products in the Ewiyo app, you have the chance to sustainably increase your sales in all your branches and markets.

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In contrast to conventional advertising options, such as radio advertising, television spots or brochure advertising, Ewiyo offers you an innovative and scalable advertising option. With a targeted orientation, you can reach people who are interested in your products.

Ewiyo Sponsorship

We create attention for your entire range of offers.


Targeting and Personalization
We pass on your products and offers directly to the Ewiyo community. Through data-driven targeting and with the help of artificial intelligence, we enable you to personalize dynamic offer formats. This enables you to achieve extensive and measurable offer communication.


Native Advertising
Together we create your individual media mix. The placement of your products is tailored to the needs and interests of the Ewiyo community. This offers you an advanced and targeted advertising opportunity.

With Ewiyo you can intuitively view and manage your sponsored articles via your personalized admin interface.

With just a few clicks, the desired budget, the target group to be addressed and various locations can be defined.

You will receive a monthly report on how much you have invested in sponsoring your products and the success of the campaign.

Recognize trends in consumer behavior thanks to regular data evaluations. We show you which products are in demand in which regions and where you can possibly help with targeted advertising.

By placing your products in recipes and photos of well-known food bloggers and chefs, you benefit from additional reach.

More functions

You can see your entire range of products and offers via the interface solution.

Individualized admin area with personal login access.

With Ewiyo you can start simple recalls in an emergency to protect your customers from faulty products.


Talk to the Ewiyo community directly when planning your purchase. They provide us with offers, prices and products. We take care of the rest:

Campaign set-up and management

Maintenance and hosting

Personalized and localized offer targeting

We look forward to your inquiry!

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