We take shopping and cooking into the 21st century

The free Ewiyo app helps you to do your weekly shopping as cheaply as possible.





Do you often forget to buy certain groceries when shopping? Even your environmentally friendly shopping bag will be forgotten at home again?

With the Ewiyo Reminder, forgotten groceries and forgotten shopping bags are a thing of the past.

Family and Friends

Do you want to plan your shopping with family, friends, colleagues or roommates? With Ewiyo you can easily create a shared shopping list and share it with each other, so that double-bought food can be avoided immediately.

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It is not uncommon for products in supermarkets to be recalled by the manufacturer for various reasons. To ensure you are safe, you will be automatically notified when products are recalled in your area.

Compare & Buy

The prices of different foods often differ from retailer to retailer. Even bulk shopping can make a huge difference in prices at different supermarkets.

With Ewiyo, you can easily compare the price of individual groceries and entire shopping lists in order to determine the best possible price for you.

Small Shops

The small supermarket around the corner is clearly underestimated. You can often get a lot of high-quality food there at a much cheaper price than at the large supermarkets. With Ewiyo, the smaller supermarkets are also taken into account when comparing the prices of the products you are looking for.



Are you looking for suitable recipes but are allergic to certain foods? The Safety Cook function of the Ewiyo app only shows you recipes that are suitable for you or informs you about the ingredients they contain.


Swipe and Eat

Swipe through recipes and offers from your region. Do you follow certain diets? Then of course you do not want to be informed about products and offers that do not fit your needs. As individual as you are, Ewiyo only shows you recipes and offers that are relevant to you.


Follow your favorite food bloggers on Ewiyo and always get recipe ideas relevant to you.



Ewiyo's innovative cooking mode can be perfectly integrated into the cooking process. You can easily operate the app via voice control and concentrate fully on cooking.

Create your individual profile with information on allergies, diets, preferences and intolerances.

Find the best price on your shopping lists. Ewiyo offers you the possibility to filter your purchases according to settings such as lowest total price, lowest unit price and shortest distance to the destination.

On request, Ewiyo takes into account all food suppliers, whether large supermarket chains, smaller markets or online suppliers.

You can share your grocery lists with your roommates, friends, and family members to help you plan your purchases together.